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The teams at Robin Wylde and Lilac share an overarching ethos when it comes to sustainability. Ethical practice and a reduction in waste are truly at the heart of all that we do. Our core values ensure that we consider the environment and take a respectful approach to the food we bring you. We aim to offer a seasonal, locally sourced, veg forward menu. All our meat is organic and reared locally, our fish is responsibly sourced and local where possible. We consider ourselves to be supplier led and always use the freshest, in season produce. Our team forage for ingredients, making the most of the abundance of wild offerings available to us locally and taking only as much as we need.


Sustainability at LILAC


In the kitchen we use the Marine Conservation Societies “Good Fish Guide”, which rank Hake, Mackerel and Mussels as the top choice for sustainable seafood. These are an enduring fixture on our menu at Lilac, coupled with a veritable variety of seasonal vegetable-based dishes. We also encourage customers to book, ensuring that we order only the amount of food we will use in both restaurants.

We believe in minimising waste in every way possible and our teams have come up with some impressively inventive ways of reusing food waste from our kitchens. We compost vegetable waste which is used on our personal allotments. Our coffee grounds are bagged to use in our gardens as a natural fertiliser. We also make soaps, mixing coffee grounds with essential oils. Leftover or oxidised wine is used in the kitchen or reduced to make syrups for fermentation & cocktail creation. Leftover fruit and vegetables are preserved if possible and we try to use ingredients creatively for multiple dishes. We are also excited to take part in a pilot Community Composting Project for restaurants in Lyme Regis.

Our cleaning products are provided by Green My Business who supply eco friendly cleaning solutions. We return all empty containers for the company to refill. Most of our suppliers unpack on site and we return any packaging to be reused or recycled. We have arranged for private collection of our glass waste to ensure that it does not go to landfill. In an effort to reduce plastic waste we do not use cling film – preferring to wash and reuse plastic containers for food storage. Wherever possible, paper is reused - old menus are used to make notepads. We offer water from a filtered water tap rather than in bottles and at Lilac we are able to offer wine on tap which helps enormously to reduce waste as each wine keg that is decompressed and recycled is the equivalent to 26 glass bottles which would need to be processed and recycled.


Our teams are constantly striving to be better and lessen our impact on the environment. We hope that our considerate use of resources is helping and can only hope to improve and do more.

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