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Cider lunch LILAC

We are hosting our first Sunday lunch at L I L A C in just over a weeks time on Sunday 30th October - a £25.00 3 course menu including cider tasters, hosted by Find & Foster themselves, alongside Harriet & team. Find & Foster create world class champagne method, keeved and pet nat ciders, all the while revealing the quality of the traditional orchards that they foster in Devon. Read more about the incredible work that they do in breathing life back into traditional orchards, using the link below this text.

Celebrating cider season, and as ever showcasing produce from our local area, this meal is all about pairing the best of the season with their different styles of cider, and each cider will be introduced by Polly and Matt. This meal has been advertised in Waitrose magazine as part of a wider series of celebratory cider meals that have been taking part in various restaurants across the country, celebrating fine cider.

Incredibly excited to be offering this one at such a special price, and can't wait to celebrate all things cider with everyone there! To book, email

Also.... it's been a pleasure seeing so many of you recently in the restaurant - visits from old friends have warmed the heart and lots of you from within our local community, your ongoing support is deeply appreciated and allows us to continue working to creatively develop our menu and sharing with you what we love about our local area and this very special corner of the world.

Harriet x

FIND & FOSTERNatural Pet Nat, Champagne Method and Keeved Fine Ciders made from rare, heritage apple varieties from traditional orchards, which we find and foster using regenerative agriculture in Devon.

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