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June 2021

As the sun begins to burn through the mist of the last year, the buzz and bustle of normality inching closer, a tingling anticipation of all that could be has set a tone of gratitude and, for us, an ‘if not now, then when?’ attitude…


It goes without saying that recent events have taught us all a lot, to enjoy the present, celebrate what we’re surrounded by, to see the beauty in our every day, to be creative, and to quite frankly maximise the good times without hesitation.


So without further ado… we would like to introduce our new venture, that we know, will absolutely champion all of the above.


Meet Robin Wyldes younger sister, spontaneous, edgy and a little eccentric.


Same ethos, same values, but totally unique.




A low intervention wine bar & neighbourhood eatery serving small plates based in a 400 year old cellar just yards from our restaurant. As the renovations come to their penultimate weeks, the vision is truly coming alive and we are so excited for you all to see.  As you know, we are big on ‘the experience’ & always will be.  With Lilac, our wish is to truly immerse you in a story, a day to night dreamy Dorset haze, a place of good times, old friends, unforgettable foodie encounters and a celebration of all that is.

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